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Is the supreme body of COMSAM, convened every three years, composed of Executive Committee members, representatives from the Regional and National Conferences, canonical and theological experts, special delegates from parallel organizations – SICLSAL, USG, IUSG, SECAM. Treats matters on the agenda and elects the new Executive Committee. It is also a special time to experience communion among the consecrated of Africa and Madagascar.


Is the executive arm of COMSAM, composed of seven members – the President, the Vice-President and five Counsellors – elected during the General Assembly for a period of three years, executes the Action Plan and resolutions of the General Assembly. Currently, the Executive Committee is composed of:


General Secretariat:

Composed of the General Secretary, the Administrative Secretary, supported by the President of COMSAM, assures the smooth administrative functioning of COMSAM.


The Steering Committee:

Favours closer collaboration of the Executive Committee with the Regional and National Conferences, is composed of the Executive Committee and Regional Presidents – or their representatives, meets every other year, the first meeting was held from 16th to 20th January 2016 in Yaoundé.


Four committees for the specific functions of COMSAM.

  1. Canonical Committee: composed of two canonists– one Francophone and one Anglophone, provides canonical legal advice to COMSAM in its relations with different Ecclesiastical and Civil organs.
  2. Theological Committee: composed of two theologians – one Francophone and one Anglophone, they provide biblical and theological foundation to the mission of COMSAM.
  3. Financial and Economic Committee: composed of four members – the Executive Secretary, the Administrative Secretary, a member of the Executive Committee and an Internal Auditor, ensures proper management of the COMSAM finances and the sourcing of funds.
  4. Information and Communication Committee:assumed by the General Secretariat and a member of the Executive Committee, ensures effective communication among the members of COMSAM through appropriate communication means.



Four commissions for the specific functions of COMSAM each of which is headed by a member of the Executive Committee, supported by commissions of Regional and National Conferences. Coordinates on the continental level related activities.

  1. Commission for Formation.
  2. Commission for Justice and Peace and Integration of Creation.
  3. Commission for Interreligious Dialogue.
  4. Commission for Integral and Social Development – related to health, development projects, education, etc.
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