ASSEMBLEE ANNUELLE DES SUPERIEURES MAJEURES FEMININES DE MADAGASCAR DU 30 OCTOBRE AU 3 NOVEMBRE 2018 «  Laissez-vous conduire par l’Esprit » Ga 5,25 L’Assemblée annuelle de la CSMFM (Conférence des supérieures majeures de Madagascar) s’est ouverte ce matin du 30 Octobre à l’épiscopat, dans la grande salle du siège de la Conférence Episcopale de Madagascar par [...]

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Introduction. Pour mieux se  faire connaitre par sa tutelle et par ce fait même ses actions et projets, la COSMAM via son secrétaire général et ses collaborateurs, a rencontré le Nonce Apostolique le 31 juillet 2018. Ladite rencontre s’est articulée autour de quatre points.   Présentation de la COSMAM La présentation s’est faite sur les [...]

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2015: Third COMSAM General Assembly in Kinshasa

The last General Assembly which ushered in a mandate of three years for the new Executive Committee was held in Kinshasa from the 13th to the 18th January 2015. The Chosen theme was: “In the current situation of Africa and Madagascar, are the consecrated, through their lives, prophets of peace, justice and reconciliation?”

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2009: First COMSAM General Assembly at the Centre of John XXIII of Mvolyé, Yaoundé

COMSAM has its Headquarters in Yaoundé (Cameroon), where is located the General Secretariat, headed by an Executive Committee which is composed of the President, the Vice-President, four Counsellors and the Secretary General who assisted by an Administrative Secretary.It holds General Assemblies every three year to which participate representatives of member conferences and delegates of associated [...]

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2005: Start of the Confederation(COMSAM ) by C.I.C.L.S.A.L

The Confederation of the Conferences of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (COMSAM) is composed of Regional and National Conferences of Major Superiors of Africa and Madagascar. It is a juridical and international organism of pontifical right. Founded during the Constitutive Assemble held in Cotonou (Benin) from 3rd to 8th May 2005, the Confederation was [...]

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Four committees for the specific functions of COMSAM. Canonical Committee: composed of two canonists– one Francophone and one Anglophone, provides canonical legal advice to COMSAM in its relations with different Ecclesiastical and Civil organs. Theological Committee: composed of two theologians – one Francophone and one Anglophone, they provide biblical and theological foundation to the mission of COMSAM. [...]

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Is the executive arm of COMSAM, composed of seven members – the President, the Vice-President and five Counsellors – elected during the General Assembly for a period of three years, executes the Action Plan and resolutions of the General Assembly. Currently, the Executive Committee is composed of: General Secretariat: Composed of the General Secretary, the [...]

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